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Australian testicular cancer awareness charity Blue Ball Foundation has teamed up with leading LA adult film studio Digital Playground to get Aussie men checking themselves regularly – by putting a public health message in the middle of a real adult movie.

Testicular Cancer Down Under

Australian men are 21% more likely to get testicular cancer than the world average.

It’s 97% curable when detected early. But sadly, most men never check themselves.

So please, do yourself a favour. Have a look.

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1 in 214
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of Aussie men watch adult movies online

Check yourself

Follow these 3 simple steps

Step 1

Take your scrotum and hold it in the palm of your hands.


Step 2

With each hand, gently use your fingers and thumb to check your testicles.


Step 3

Ask yourself: does one feel bigger, or heavier, than the other? Can you feel any hard lumps? Or smooth rounded bumps?

Or if you need a hand, let Eva Lovia show you how
Because Aussie men are so much more likely to get testicular cancer, it’s extra important that we get through to you.
So in a world-first, you can find a public service message in the middle of a real adult movie – while you already have your pants down.
Don’t worry, this is a shorter Safe-for-Work version.

Find something?

If the answer is ‘yes’, don’t panic
Remember, testicular cancer is 97% curable if found early.

Also, keep in mind that not all lumps or irregularities are cancerous. But only a doctor can tell you for sure.

So don’t delay. See your GP immediately.


Spread the word

Help save a mate’s life
With Aussie men 21% more likely to get testicular cancer, the odds that a mate hasn’t checked himself are high.

Please help us spread the word – and share this site.

The Blue Ball Foundation

The Blue Ball Foundation was founded by Jamie Morgan and a mate, both survivors of testicular cancer. It provides education and support to young adult men, in an effort to raise awareness about testicular cancer, one of the most common forms of cancer in Aussie men aged 20-39.

Jamie believes there is a ‘culture of embarrassment’, that discourages men from discussing and resolving problems related to man issues. They use live comedy, inspirational talks in schools and workplaces, YouTube videos, events and social media to build a culture where embarrassment does not prevent men from checking ‘their boys’.

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Game of Balls

In a world first, a public health message can be found in the middle of a real adult movie.
With a flesh-and-bones demo of how to check for testicular cancer.

For April – World Testicular Cancer Month – Digital Playground included this life-saving message in the middle of parody film ‘Game of Balls’, scheduled for the April 12 release of season five of Game of Thrones, Australia’s highest-rating pay TV show. The message is delivered by Digital Playground’s 2015 star Eva Lovia.

SYNOPSIS: Winter is coming… Eva Lovia patiently awaits for her powerful King. He arrives at their castle with his knight, and is asked to be alone with his beautiful lady to discuss their marriage. And most importantly, to consummate their royal union before battle begins.

Watch the full movie

Only if you’re over 18. And especially if you’re 20-39.

Starring Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia is friendly, ambitious, and confident, she recently graduated with a degree in Psychology. After doing some part-time modeling and webcam work before, Eva began to feel the call of fame, and decided to star in her first adult film.

Despite being a fresh face in the industry, Eva soon started catching the attention of fans and critics alike – and her rise to stardom has been rapid.

When she’s not on the big screen, or helping out a charity, you can find Eva hanging out with her dog Lady, and doing outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking and working on her tan. That might be the southern California native coming out, but her charm and appeal definitely come from upstate New York where she was raised.


Digital Playground is a North American movie studio, and a known leader in adult filmmaking. The first in the adult industry to shoot 4K, they stay at the forefront of the entertainment industry through technological advancement, and big budget, high quality feature productions with cinematic components and regulated branding on content.

They’ve made over 400 feature films, including the all-time bestseller Pirates, and continue to provide today’s top adult entertainment performers of both sexes.

Visit Digital Playground


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