Cutting through the culture of embarrassment that discourages us from talking about one of the most natural (and certainly the most fun) activities to do (either by yourself or together) we got together to share our experiences with the world.

Because here’s the thing.

We love sex.

Everyone does. It’s maybe one of the few things we all share in a world where we bicker about almost everything else. Sex and masturbation should be celebrated. If we just open up and actually talk about it we might enjoy it (and ourselves) just that little bit more.

One of our favorite ways to do that is with sex toys.

We want to provide completely honest reviews and our own experiences with the toys we use (either individually or together) so you can benefit from our testing (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it) and share advice on sexual health, fun and techniques.

Play With Yourself is not sponsored by any particular toy company or brand. We’re not given free products to review and we’re beholden to nobody but you the reader. If something breaks or just isn’t much fun we’re able to tell you that. If something blows our socks off we’re going to tell you that… and maybe ask for some new socks.

Who Are We?

A sex-positive couple who enjoy each other and ourselves.

We have an ever-growing sex toy chest (literally) and it got to a point where we realized we have a lot of opinions to share one some of them.

Growing up in a society where this kind of thing was never talked about we missed a whole lot of potential fun and created Play With Yourself as a way to help break down this barrier and start an open discussion about some of the most fun toys out there.